Inventor Process’ Goal

Provide pitch opportunities to as many inventors and entrepreneurs as possible in a relaxed, friendly environment that fosters success.

Why Pitch?

This is a real opportunity to secure a deal. Pitch for licensing agreements, ASOTV deals, funding, patenting & marketing services, partnerships and strategic alliances. No matter where you’re at in the process, there’s opportunity for you. Deals will be Made!

Restrictions apply.

Pitch opportunities are based on your product/business category, level of development, and other factors. See the below information and e-mail us with any questions. Purchase your SUMMIT ticket soon as seating and pitch opportunities are limited.

General Terms that Apply to All Pitch Opportunities:

1. Purchase a Ticket to Inventor Process: The SUMMIT.
2. Register to pitch by 4-01-20 by submitting your idea. Submit Here. 100% Confidential.
3. Receive written Pitch Approval from Inventor Process.
4. Sign the Inventor Process, Inc. Media Release Form.
5. Show up to Pitch Room at the designated time.

To Pitch As Seen on TV Executives:

There’s a winning formula to successful direct response TV campaigns. Does your product meet that criteria? If you’d like to pitch As Seen on TV executives for a fully funded deal here’s what you need:

1. Functional prototype and/or completed shelf-ready units.
2. Broad Audience: Most people/households in America can use your product.
3. Explainable: Product must be tangible and easily demonstrable.
4. Frequent Usage: Must be a product that will get frequently used.
5. Marketability: Product must generate excitement and/or have “wow” factor.
6. Problem Solver: It solves a problem no other product can or solves a problem far better than any other product. (Does not apply to Kid’s Products.)
7. Uniqueness: The product must not be too similar to other products on the market.
8. Price Range: The product must fall between $20 and $1000 dollars.
9. A one to three-minute presentation/demonstration.

To Pitch the All-Star Panel of Experts:

Do you have a product with mass market appeal? Would it be perfect on Amazon or at Wal-Mart? If so, pitch the All-Star Panel of Experts. Here’s the minimum criteria:

1. Functional prototype and/or completed shelf-ready units.
2. Three to five-slide power point presentation.
3. Three-minute presentation/demonstration.
4. Additional Assets – Anything else that’ll help sell your dream.
5. Product should be able to:
• Appeal to a large target market.
• Be cost effectively mass produced.
• Be easily demonstratable.
• Turn the head of the consumer…aka Wow Factor.
6. Please note the following information:
• This is a main stage presentation in front of audience.
• One inventor will win best pitch and associated prize(s).
• Only 10 to 15 spots available. Register now!
• Not selected to pitch the All-Stars, that’s OK. Pitch the other panels!

Criteria to Pitch one or more of the Following Panels:

1. A one to three-minute presentation.
2. Visual Aid – It can be as simple as a rough sketch.
3. Written Description – It can be as simple as a short paragraph.
4. Additional Assets – Anything else that’ll help sell your dream.
5. Invention/Product/Business Idea should be able to:
• Appeal to a large target market.
• Turn the head of the consumer/customer…aka Wow Factor
6. Please note – the better prepared you are, the better you’ll do.
7. These panels are great for all inventors and entrepreneurs, even if you just have an idea!

To Pitch Inventor Process, Inc. Executives:

Calling all inventors with pet products, kitchenware, lawn care, baby items, hand tools, organizers, household gear, sporting goods, and similar innovations. Come Pitch for a Deal!

To Pitch Invention and Business Investors:

Do you have a unique innovation or new business idea? Do you need funding, advice, partnerships and/or strategic alliances? This is the panel for you!

To Pitch Manufacturers & Other Licensees:

Licensing agreements, retail placement, distributions deals, and other opportunities are the order of the day. Pitch for a deal!

When submitting indicate the following information:

1. The Pitch Panels your idea/invention/business model meets the criteria of.
2. The Pitch Panels you’d like to pitch.
3. Only submit after purchasing your Inventor Process: The SUMMIT ticket.

All ideas, inventions and products being pitched must be pre-approved by Inventor Process, Inc. prior to The SUMMIT.

Confidentiality Guaranteed. Please sign and retain for your records our Statement of Confidentiality and Non-Use. (NDA)

2020 Featured Speakers

Aaron Krause
Daddy of the Scrub Daddy

Aaron Krause is an accomplished entrepreneur and inventor with more than 25 years of experience in patenting and manufacturing innovative products. At The SUMMIT Aaron will share with you how the Scrub Daddy (“Most Successful Product” in Shark Tank’s history) came to life, how’s he’s built on that tremendous success, his upcoming innovations, and what it takes to succeed.

Edward Ayres
Co-Founder, President & CEO

Edward Ayres is a noted invention expert, marketer, entrepreneur, coach, co-founder of Inventor Process: The Summit, and one pretty cool guy. As president and CEO of Inventor Process, Inc., a global consulting firm that provides business development services to inventors and entrepreneurs, he utilizes over 20-years of industry experience to assist inventors in reaching their goals.

Zachary Brown
Inventor – Moki Doorstep

Zachary Brown is an international award-winning entrepreneur and the inventor of the Moki Doorstep (one of the largest deals in Shark Tank history), allows users to safely use the roof. As a crowdfunding and startup advisor, he’s passionate about giving back and helping other creators, inventors and entrepreneurs succeed. At The SUMMIT Zach will share steps to take, ways to protect your products & your profits.

Inventor Process: The SUMMIT 2020 Agenda


Event Cancelled


Opens at 7:30 AM


7:30 AM – 9 PM

Morning Coffee & Networking:

All Ticket Holders welcome
7:30 AM till 8:50 AM


Las Vegas, Nevada

VIP Breakfast & Networking Mixer:

VIP Ticket Holders welcome
7:30 AM till 9:00 AM

Session 1:

9:00 AM – 11:50 AM
Opening Ceremonies
Keynote Address

​Session 2:

1:30 PM – 3:50 PM
​Keynote Address
Workshops / Pitch Rooms
All-Star Q & A Panel
Break & Networking

​Session 3:

4:05 PM – 6:30 PM
Keynote Address
All-Star Pitch Panel
Workshops/Pitch Rooms
Closing & Awards Ceremonies

Closing Cocktail Celebration & Networking Social – Open to All Ticket Holders

VIP Ticket Holders: Enjoy an Exclusive Lunch Banquet with Special Guests & Experts

VIP Ticket Holders: Enjoy a Private VIP Cocktail Dinner with Meet & Greets, Photos and More

Ticket Packages

Summit Express

  • – Admission to Event
  • – Welcome Gift
  • – Morning Coffee & Networking Mixer
  • – Access to All Three Sessions
  • – Access to Workshops
  • – General Admission Seating
  • – Pitch Your Product – limited spots
  • – Closing Cocktail Celebration & Networking Social
  • – Free Event Parking
  • – Exclusive Discount on Hotel Rooms


Summit Express
  • – EVERYTHING from Summit Express, plus!
  • – Priority Registration
  • – Early access to Morning Coffee & Networking Mixer
  • – Priority Seating Area
    • In front of Summit Express
  • – Pitch Your Product – Priority Opportunity

VIP Experience

  • – EVERYTHING from Priority Summit Express, plus!                     
  • – Expedited VIP Registration
  • – VIP Seating Area
  • – Private VIP Lunch Reception with Special Guests
  • – Private VIP Cocktail Dinner & Mixer (starting at 7:30pm)
  • – Two Complimentary Cocktail Beverages
  • – Meet & Greet with Speakers, Experts and Special Guest

Ultimate Experience

  • – EVERYTHING from VIP Experience, plus!
  • – Upgraded Welcome Gift
  • – The Ultimate Seating Area
  • – Private VIP Lunch with Special Guests
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  • – Four Complimentary Cocktail Beverages
  • – Professional Photo with Special Guest
  • – Extended Meet & Greet with Speakers, Experts and Special Guests

Big Baller


– Everything from Ultimate Experience, plus!

– Special Welcome Gift

– Best Seats in the Main Ballroom

– Green Room Access, Meet & Greets and Photo Opportunities

– 10 Complimentary Cocktail Beverages

– Admission to The SUMMIT for Two

– Access to Workshops – reserved seating

– Private VIP Lunch Reception – Main Table Seating

– Private VIP Cocktail Dinner & Mixer – reserved table with Special Guest

– Private Meet & Greet with President of Inventor Process

Exclusive VIP Experiences

Who you know is as important as what you know. Do you want the most access and an insider’s experience? VIP, Ultimate and Big Baller attendees are invited to exclusive events. Enjoy meet & greets, photos, networking, top quality food and cocktails with special guests and industry professionals.

Experiences Include

  • Priority Registration or VIP Registration
  • VIP Breakfast & Networking Mixer
  • Private VIP Lunch Banquet
  • Private VIP Cocktail Dinner & Networking
  • Special Guests at Dining Events
  • Meet & Greets and One-on-One Time
  • Pictures with Speakers, Panelists & Inventors
  • Green Room Access
  • And Even More!