Kristen Ayres

Kristen Ayres is a Chaplain, wife, mother, and entrepreneur. She started working as an entrepreneur at the age of 10; working the paper route before school, babysitting on the weekends and volunteering at the hospital. Kristen went to nursing school and worked in geriatrics for 7 years at which time she changed careers and went into marketing. She is currently the Co-Founder & Operations Specialist at Inventor Process, Inc., and she uses her extra time coaching women. She utilizes her experience to assist women in reaching their goals.

A few major accomplishments Kristen has experienced: started her IRA at the age of 19, bought her first home as a single mother at the age of 23, owned her first business at the age of 25, became a Realtor for investing at the age of 27, Co-Founded Inventor Process, Inc. at the age of 34, became a Chaplain at the age of 40, and has been married for 18+ years. Currently she is transforming 60+ acres in Mississippi into a Resort Destination.

Kristen has a goal; her goal is to serve the community. She attends a Foursquare Church, leads Bible studies, participates in prison ministry through Aglow International, has volunteered with Las Vegas Metro Police Department in a program called RECAP, and volunteered with the Clark County School District as a motivational speaker in the PAYBAC program.

Kristen can help with Organization, Personal or Product Goals, and Spiritual Goals.

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