Kristen Ayres

NV InventHer

Kristen Ayres is a Christian, wife, mother and entrepreneur.  She starting working as an entrepreneur at the age of 10; working the paper route before school, babysitting on the weekends and volunteering at the hosiptal. Kristen went to nursing school and worked in geriatrics for 7 years at which time she changed careers and went into marketing. She is currently the Operations Specialist at Inventor Process, Inc. and she uses her extra time to volunteer.

Kristen has a goal, her goal is to serve the community. As Operations Specialist of Inventor Process, Inc., a global consulting firm that provides business development services to inventors and entrepreneurs, she utilizes her experience to assist inventors in reaching their goals. She attends CornerStone Christian Fellowship where she leads a Bible study and is the head of the Nourish Team; which provides meals to the sick, sad and celebratory families. She participtes in prision ministry through Aglow International, she mentors pregnate teens at Living Grace Homes and participates in feeding the homeless at the Salvation Army and Grace Presbyterian Church.  Kristen realized the small percent of women inventors which lead her to start NV InventHer. She is hoping to increase the innovation path for women.

Women of Nevada, the time has come. It's time to Take Action!

NV InventHer has one mission, provide support to women entrepreneurs during the inventing process. We are committed to innovation growth in Nevada.


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