Kandise Sue Tyes


Kandise Sue Tyes was born in San Diego, CA on August 27, 1978 and lived with her parents, Kris & Pam Cannon. She moved to the central valley with her parents and new sister, Kristen, and live in Tulare for 9 years before moving to Guam; her introduction to the Navy. After four beautiful years she moved back to San Diego where she graduated high school and was managing franchise type business’s. She moved to Oak Harbor, WA where she met her husband of 25 years, Andre Tyes. Andre & Kandise live in Japan, have two grown boys (Andre Jr & Matthew), love to travel and serve the Lord in any ways He asks.

Living to glorify God and my family!

What We Do

Christian, Wife, Mother, Educator, and Entrepreneur

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Contact Kandise Sue Tyes with questions at KandiseTyes@gmail.com.