Pitch Your Invention for a Deal!
Blog by Edward Ayres – September 2019

Do you watch Shark Tank? If so, then you know with the right opportunity inventors can enjoy massive market success. For instance, when Damon John recently bought the Moki Doorstep for $3 Million it changed the direction of Zachary and Alyssa Brown’s lives forever.

Now, it’s your turn. Opportunity is here! You can pitch your invention for a deal.

Inventor Process: The SUMMIT is an opportunity-driven event for inventors and entrepreneurs, regardless if they’re just getting started or expanding their empire. The goal of The SUMMIT can be summed up in one word: Opportunity.

You’ll be able to pitch your idea, invention, product or start-up to the best in the business.

There are multiple pitch opportunities, and unlike those ordinary events, this is your chance to pitch for a deal; not just advice. Deals and connections will be made!

You’ll be pitching to the decision makers and learning on the spot if they’re interested.

You may be able to Pitch to:

  • Product & Invention Investors
  • Inventor Process Executives
  • Business Start-Up Investors
  • Manufacturers & DRTV Executives
  • The All-Star Panel of Pros

Pitch to Win:

  • Fully Funded As Seen On TV Campaigns
  • Invention, Product & Business Funding
  • Direct Buyouts & Licensing Agreements
  • Fully Funded Patenting & Marketing Services
  • Strategic Alliances & Development Assistance

Pitch one or more panels based on your concept and level of development. Minor restrictions apply. Visit the website for more details.

No matter where you’re at in the process there’s a pitch opportunity for you.

*Meet Zach & Alyssa Brown at The SUMMIT. More details to follow.

Inventor Event
Blog by Edward Ayres – September 2019

Thank you for your interest in Inventor Process: The SUMMIT, an opportunity-driven event for inventors and entrepreneurs; regardless if they’re just getting started or expanding their empire.

During this one-day, exclusive inventor event you’ll be able to pitch to, learn from and network with the best in the invention business. You’ll be immersed in real opportunity delivered in multiple formats.

First, you’ll be able to pitch your invention, product or business idea Shark Tank style. And unlike those ordinary pitch events, you’re pitching for a deal; not just advice.

There’s multiple Pitch Opportunities. You may be able to pitch for:
• A fully funded As Seen On TV deal
• Licensing Agreements
• Investment & Strategic Alliances
• Patenting & Marketing Services

Second, you’ll learn from Shark Tank winners, business leaders and successful inventors immediately-useful tips, strategies and techniques that can propel massive market success.

There’s multiple Topics for Discussion. Just a few include:

  • How to license your invention and receive royalties
  • Prototyping, manufacturing and product launch
  • Raising investment with crowdfunding and other methods
  • Inventor mistakes, how to avoid them and free resources

Additionally, The SUMMIT is bringing together a superb line up of speakers and instructors with a proven track record of success. Not only will you get to learn directly from them, but you’ll get to network directly with them.

 Learn from & Network with World-Class Experts. Just a few include:

  • Manufacturing & Product Launch Expert – Christopher Guerrera
  • Investor, Crowdfunding Super Guru & U.I.A. board member – Roy Morejon
  • VP of Retail for Infomercials, Inc. – Ben Gale
  • Moki Doorstep Inventor & Shark Tank Alum – Zach Brown

In one day, at this one event, you can dramatically strengthen or even create your network.

It all happens April 25th, 2020 at the Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Opportunity is here. You should be too.